JANAH ELISE COX: Documentary Editor

Janah Elise Cox (b. Bronx, NY, 1987) is a Documentary Editor based in NYC

contact: janah.elise.cox at gmail.com

20XX, Kid Quixote
20XX, Jelloman, if u will
2020, Bad Hombres
2020, The Place That Makes Us
2020, Siempre, Luis
2019, Retrats
2019, Slay the Dragon
2018, Watergate — Or, How We Learned to Stop an Out-of-Control President
2018, Story of Access (Starbucks Racial Bias Training)
2018, Personal Statement
2018, Mr. SOUL!
2018, 93Queen
2017, The King
2017, Get Me Roger Stone
2016, Donald Cried

2020, Emmy Awards, Best Documentary Nominee, The King
2020, Emmy Awards, Best Historical Documentary Nominee, The King
2019, Emmy Awards, Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary Nominee, Personal Statement
2019, Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship, Diversity in the Edit Room Mentee
2019, Grammy Awards, Best Music Film Nominee, The King 
2018, Maine Media Workshops, Storytelling in the Edit Room, Scholarship Recipient
2017, Cannes Film Festival, Golden Eye Nominee

2020, Sundance Film Festival
2019, Tribeca Film Festival
2018, Tribeca Film Festival
2018, New York Film Festival
2018, Berlin Film Festival
2018, Sundance Film Festival 
2018, HotDocs Film Festival
2018, Telluride Film Festival
2017, Cannes Film Festival
2016, SXSW Film Festival

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“Watergate’ Shocks Anew With Its True Tale of Political Scandal”
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“‘93Queen’ offers an insider's view of women's lives in a self-contained Hasidic community”
Ben Kenigsberg, NYT, (July 24, 2018).
93Queen’ Follows Female Jewish EMS Workers in Brooklyn”
Munchies, Food by VICE (July 20, 2018)
“Meet the Jelloman, the Iconic Jell-O Shot Entrepreneur of Philly's Indie Rock Scene”
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“Doc on Rise and Fall of Elvis Holds Mirror to Trump’s America”
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“’The King’ Chases the American Dream and Elvis”
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“Starbucks Commissioned a Film About Bias Training That’s Risky and Essential”
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“‘Get Me Roger Stone’ Review: Netflix Documentary Profiles a President Whisperer in Peacock Mode”